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Social media and content creation are fundamental components of the marketing mix for any kind of brand, from SMEs and entrepreneurs to the largest ones in the market.

In the same way we mentioned on The State of Social Media in Spain blog, social media is a tool that when used right, can help us grow the company at any stage of the funnel. But, considering the constant changes in the ecosystem of the platforms, many companies do not know where to start when it comes to defining a strategy that truly generates impact. Hence, we have designed this very practical guide with 7 basic steps to achieve any goal:

1. Define your objectives and KPIs well:

These must be aligned with the company’s marketing objectives. We recommend focusing on SMART goals.

2. Identify your buyer persona:

Defining a B2C strategy isn’t the same as defining a B2B one. Nor is it when having Gen Z as a target audience versus having Baby Boomers as one.

3. Choose the right platforms to open a company profile:

It isn’t necessary to have a presence on all of them, but it is definitely important to share relevant content and be consistent. We highly recommend a minimum of one daily post per social platform.

4. Understand your competitors’ efforts:

The best way is by auditing their profiles on different social platforms. Take note about both what they do well and not so well. From here, identify the best ways to differentiate yours from other brands.

5. Define content blocks and create content calendars for each platform (weekly or monthly):

This will help you optimize resources and organize the different topics you would like to share across all your platforms.

6. Assign budget to Paid Media and Influencer marketing:

Many brands skip this part, as they believe that having organic profiles will be enough to reach the target audience, increase the reach of communications and even increase sales. But unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Social platforms are hypersaturated and algorithms don’t help either, so allocating a budget for this type of advertising is 100% necessary. Check out our blog post about the positive impact of combining paid and organic efforts to learn more about this. Additionally, influencers are a very powerful way to maintain active profiles and increase sales across those platforms where we don’t have the necessary resources to do so.

7. Update, update and update:

Social platforms are constantly updating, and therefore so are the topics that interest users. The learning curve on social media is constant and adapting to it must be as well. That’s why analyzing results on an ongoing basis is crucial for optimization and continuous improvement.

We are conscious that sometimes, companies don’t have the necessary resources to implement all these steps, but they do have the desire to continue growing at all levels. If this is your case, contact us here. We love getting brands like yours ready to blast off!

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