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Short, entertaining and with a hook: the ingredients that all Reels must have to go viral. A format that has consolidated in popularity over the past year and is now key to any social and influencer marketing strategy. However, the tools provided by Instagram to edit Reels are scarce, so today we bring you a list of 5 totally free apps that will take your videos to the next level!

1. InShot: The perfect app for editing Reels for free

It has professional editing tools and various transitions to make your videos more creative. It is very easy to add voiceover, text or simply adjust the speed.

2. Videoshow: Make your videos responsive for everyone

The app gives you the option to rotate, reverse and even slow down the speed, as well as other tools. You can easily add music, although we recommend using Instagram’s music library to improve performance. Try the voice-over and doodles, not to mention it’s also very useful to add subtitles to your Reels.

3. Beecut: For editing on the go

This video editor offers basic yet essential tools that are very easy to use. It helps you to add colorful texts, filters and very creative transitions. To edit a spur-of-the-moment video, it comes in very handy.

4. VivaVideo: Editing tools & effects

Probably, one of the most popular apps to edit videos from either iOS or Android phones, and to be honest we think it’s perfect for Reels. The app has professional tools in the free version, but also offers multilayer editing, adding texts and effects among many other options.

5. TikTok: The most complete app

Yes, you’re reading it right! Using TikTok’s tools is a great way to edit Reels. Many content creators edit on TikTok as it’s an easy and intuitive app. If you go for this option, remember to upload the videos to your profile first. Once uploaded and edited, you can download them with a free watermark tool. Spoiler alert: TikTok doesn’t have this option yet, but it is about to release its own free watermark tool to download videos.

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